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You have your ideas & projects but simply not enough mechanical design resource ? or want to industrialize ?

BENEFIT: decrease time to market & complementary expertise either on design, on suppliers or on manufacturing


A pro but easy to use software, for sales & marketing teams to design catalogs, within minutes.

Simply the most feature-rich solution on the market to generate product catalogs and repetitive documents of any kinds (products, lists, events tickets ....).
All you need:
- your products list
- some pictures (optional)

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We are the editor of the most complete online resource portal for product managers and designers of new products & innovations.
design tips & tricks
- product design reviews
- design directory
- worldwide design & tech events

not to mention ... it's 100% free

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Drawings review service

Even (or especially) the best designers are not the best to review their own designs. All experienced companies have suffered from the most basic design mistake, not seen by anybody until the product reaches the market. A fresh eye can help avoid that, or suggest alternatives or other technics.
After signing a strong NDA to protect your IP, we have an in-house tool to cooperate with your R&D team and bring you this independent view.
BENEFIT: save money & reputation

Product Review

Get an in-depth external study and report & have positive suggestions on your product.
- ergonomics
- sustainability
- ability for production & maintenance

Can be your product ... or competition

BENEFIT: improve your product & gain customers, learn from competition


we develop our own innovative products and can pass that to you for industrialisation


"After we redesigned our product, added features & nice looking with a lower factory cost, my CEO first made fun of me because I've increased the new price by only +20% while the sales were more than doubling within weeks. Two years later, although being copied, the product is still market leader despite our high margin" 

a Marketing Director

... are you willing to increase your sales within months ?

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Our values: answering customer needs with the most efficient, functions-rich, long lasting and ecological products.

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